The Climate Bill and Home Solar Energy?

Harry Reid abandoned efforts to push the climate change bill through the senate.  But what does that mean for residential solar energy?  Fortunately, residential solar rebates will not be directly impacted by the loss of the climate bill.  The bill was mainly set up to address the releasing of green house gases, and in particularly, carbon dioxide, from a commercial businesses, not residences.  Therefore the bill had provisions about carbon cap and trade systems for businesses, but nothing about residences.

While this does mean that many corporations may continue their polluting ways, in particular, releasing carbon dioxide & other greenhouse gases, all is not lost.  According to the New York Times, coal-burning power plants are the nations single largest source of climate-changing pollution.  And homeowners consume quite a bit of that coal-backed energy.  So what can you do?  As a home owner, you can use less utility energy by going solar.  Become a one person solution.  Get a free solar energy quote for your home and see just how easy it is to dramatically reduce your use of dirty, coal powered grid energy by going solar.

So while having this bill die may have slowed down the reduction of green house gasses released by corporations, it does not mean we have to stop reducing our use of coal powered grid energy.  In other words, use less dirty grid energy – go solar!

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