The Future of Solar Energy

Oliver Janssen and Michael Lamb from eIQ Energy share their thoughts on the direction of the solar industry..


DB: What are your thoughts on where the solar industry is heading? Which aspects do you think have the most area for growth. 

OJ: I think it’s a very exciting time for the solar industry. I think that the ongoing reduction in cost of the system and then technologies that are emerging like ours that really optimize the performance and reliability, and just as importantly provide transparency and visibility into the system. I think all of thse will drive the adoption and accelerate the adoption. I think that with lower costs and improved transparency there will be less of a perception of risk around solar power. As risks come down, the cost of capital to finance solar power systems will come down and we’re going to see a dramatic acceleration of the adoption of solar power.
ML: The other thing that we see, especially from the parallel technology that the V-Boost enables is the ability now to look at different designs for solar systems and actually start to integrate building integrated PV into structures. Whereas before that was difficult to do because you’d need multiple inverters – you’d need multiple ways to collect that power because they don’t all face the same way or they’re different technologies. And the V-Boost technology solves that issue as well. It really does open up new vistas and possibilities for designers and architects as solar moves into it’s next generation.

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