Long Island Solar Rebate Program Receives Stimulus Funding

Long Island Solar RebatesLast month the Long Island Power Authorities (LIPA) residential solar rebate program was suspended but thanks to an injection of $8.3 million in federal stimulus money, the program is back in business.

The suspension of the program was a result of demand that simply exhausted LIPAs funding. The $8.3 million in federal stimulus money was redirected from a program that had been approved for large commercial Long Island solar power projects. The redirect occurred after LIPA asked Gov. David Paterson to petition the United States Department of Energy for the right to redirect the $8.3 million for residential solar projects. In a written statement, Paterson said,

“With this additional funding, LIPA can now continue to fund projects that help to promote a sustainable future for Long Island and New York, while providing much-needed stimulus to the state’s economy.”

The current rebate offered through LIPA is $1.75/watt DC for first 10 kW and the rebate may not exceed 50% of installed system costs or $17,500.

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