Lower solar costs, increasing adoption and more growth trends!

Another great infographic on the growth of solar energy coming from the Cleantechnica website and created by CustomMade. Here are some of the fun facts shared in the infographic:

  • 8.2 million quads of energy hit the earth, but we only use 400
  • The sun provides more energy in an hour than we produce in a year
  • 0.0005% of the earth would need to be covered in solar panels to power the world
  • 75 million barrels of oil and 35 million tons of CO2 are saved by solar each year
  • Only 25% of U.S. rooftops are suitable for solar (yikes)
  • Shared solar could increase access to solar energy by 3x in the U.S.
  • Solar panel facts
    • Utility rates are rising
    • Access to solar power can’t be purchased or monopolized
    • A 6′ x 10′ solar panel footprint can power the average household
    • Panels require little maintenance
    • All components are recyclable
    • Many governments will pay solar owners for energy created
    • The average cost of a household solar system is $55,000
    • Solar panels do not produce any harmful greenhouse gases
    • The projected 20 year savings on a solar system is $20,000
      • In NY, CA and FL, it’s more than $30k
      • In Hawaii, it is almost $65k!!!
  • There are now over 13,000 megawatts of solar electricity in the U.S.
  • There is enough solar to power 2.2 million U.S. homes
  • 29% of energy added in 2013 was solar, the 2nd largest source of new energy
  • 41% increase in solar in 2013
  • 60% decline in solar panel prices since 2011
  • New solar projected for 2014 will help us power over 1.1 million more homes

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