MA Rebate Program Boosts Funding

Recent apprehension for government-funded solar energy development in the wake of the Solyndra and MA-based Evergreen Solar bankruptcies hasn’t kept MassCEC from pumping additional funding into the increasingly popular Comm II Solar Rebate Program. The program receives funding from MassCEC’s Renewable Energy Trust, which raises revenue from a surcharge on electricity bills.

Over the last year and a half, the program has set aside $1m in available funds on a block schedule each quarter (totaling $4m a year). Once a block is open, MassCEC receives applications until funds dry out or the quarter ends. Due to a growing interest in the program, MassCEC increased funding to $3m for both Block 7, which closed in September, and for Block 8, which opened Friday, October 14th.

The rebate is assessed on a $-per-watt basis, as indicated in the table below. Applicants that use MA-based system parts and qualify for moderate income/home values are eligible for a larger rebate on top of the $.75 base reward. Additionally, MassCEC is now providing an adder for applicants in communities adversely affected by a damaging tornado that struck back in June. Visit the MassCEC website to read more about the adders. MassCEC has said it intends to continue funding the program through 2012.

Base Incentive$.75
MA Company Components Adder$.10
Moderate Income/Home Value Adder$.85
*Natural Disaster Relief Adder$1.00

*new adder, funding capped at $1m

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