Pennsylvania Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits

The Pennsylvania solar market has been give a giant boost with $100 million in funding from the Alternative Energy Investment Act. This funding is for residential and commercial solar installations and there are some added benefits for low-income families. The rebate will cover up to a maximum of 35% of the system’s cost and if you meet the low income standards, the rebate is automatically 35% of the cost. Read on for more details.

State Incentives
Type: Renewable Portfolio Standard
Details: Approximately 725 MW target by 2021. The SACP is double the average market price from the previous year, and assessed at the end of the energy year. Prices have traded between $10-$30 for the last several months due to a market oversupply.
Type: Permitting Fee Reduction (locally based)
Details: A number of regions (i.e., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh) have streamlined permitting fees that reduce the “soft costs” of getting panels installed and approved.
Amount: $.75/w DC
Restrictions: $7,500 or 35% installed cost, whichever is less; must be at least 1 kW
Other: Utility grade meter required, must be installed by program improved installer; currently on a wait list and may be running short of funding
Net-metering is available and investor-owned utilities must offer net metering to residential customers that generate electricity with systems up to 50 kilowatts (kW) in capacity.
The utility must provide this meter if a customer’s existing meter does not meet these requirements and utilities may not charge net-metered customers any fees or other charges that do not apply to non-net-metered customers. Furthermore, utilities may not require customers to install any additional equipment or carry liability insurance. Any customer net excess generation (NEG) (that the electricity you generate but don’t use) will be credited at the utility’s retail rate and carried over to the customer’s next bill during a 12-month period
Local/Utility Incentives
PPL Electric Utilities – Rebates for PV and Geothermal Systems – $2.00 per DC watt; maximum incentive of $5,000 per customer.
  • Equipment must be new,
  • PV systems must be grid-connected,
  • Net-metering customers generally retain title to RECs,
  • The current application has an expiration date of May 31, 2010.

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