Residential Solar Energy – An Investment In Your Future

Over the past 20 years home improvement has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry which is evidenced by the number over Home Depot and Lowe’s stores around the country.

The drive to improve the places where we live comes from both the desire to improve quality of life (being able to entertain friends on your new deck or in a pool) and to increase the homes value and attractiveness for potential buyers.

Just as many people think of a deck today as almost a standard feature on a home, it is my assertion that in the coming years home solar power systems will be viewed the same way. There are several reasons why I believe this to be true.

  1. A home that has comparatively lower monthly operating costs will attract more potential buyers. Due to increasing energy costs, when people shop for a home they are not only concerned with the cost to purchase but are also considering the cost to operate the home.
  2. Unlike other home improvements, in many states you get the advantage of increased home value without increased property taxes.
  3. Unlike a deck or pool, home solar power systems could actually make you money through programs such as SRECs and FiTs.
  4. Home builders are installing solar power systems on new homes.
  5. The desire for energy independence (from renewable sources) is only growing stronger with the American people.

Going solar is a decision that will save you money now (thanks to many great rebates and incentives) and will also position you to receive even greater rewards in the future as electricity prices from your utility continue to increase and if or when you decide to sell your home.

If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for solar simply fill out our free estimate form. Once you hit submit we will match you with trusted local installers in your area who can answer any questions and provide you with free, no obligation quotes.

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