Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning your solar panelsis as simple as hosing them down with water and scrubbing them with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Clean solar panels operate more efficiently and the more electricity they generate the more money you save.


Because solar panels are exposed to the elements, dust, leaves, pollen, and bird droppings will build up on the panels overtime. This reduces their efficiency and ultimately means less money for you. In most cases cleaning your solar panels twice a year will be sufficient, however, if you live in a particularly dusty area or have trees that constantly drop leaves and pollen, you may need to clean them more frequently.

The best method for cleaning your panels is to hose them down with water, preferably using a high pressure attachment, and scrub them with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. For harder to clean substances like sap, simply use some mild dish soap and warm water to clean the affected areas.

If you want to see the difference in electricity generation, record the output on the inverter before and after cleaning or if your system is linked to your computer, you can simply review the information when your done. By taking note of how much your panels generate when they are clean you can get an idea of how often you really need to clean them.

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