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Declining Panel Prices and Solar Leasing, Coincidence or Complements?

The rapid decline in panel prices has been widely reported among bloggers and research institutions in the PV industry, as has the ripple effect this trend has had on driving demand for residential solar. In addition, it seems like every day there are new articles coming out about the growth of the major leasing companies. […]

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Residential Solar Costs Decline, Installations Rise, Report Confirms

As we near the end of a tumultuous year for solar PV, the latest report from GTM/SEIA indicates there is more momentum that ever for residential solar. A number of factors – the growth in solar leases, the glut in global panel production, and the complex web of economic incentives – have already made this the strongest […]

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CASE Continues to Garner Support

Since our last post covering the Solar World anti-trade case against Chinese solar panel manufacturers, the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy (CASE) has grown three-fold. CASE now represents over 130 companies totaling 13,000 employees across the US solar industry (Solar World employs just under 3,000 worldwide, many of whom are not in the US). The rapid growth in CASE’s […]

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