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An Overreaching Arm of Regulation?

Residential solar is making new headlines, again. This time, however, isn’t worth the hype reserved for record-setting accomplishments in the rapidly growing industry. Residential PV has raised the profile of a topic that usually has to claw its way into widespread media: municipal property regulations. Some communities in areas where rooftop solar has picked up […]

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Chicago to Reduce “Soft Costs”

The City of Chicago received one of the largest grants from the Department of Energy (DOE) Sunshot Rooftop Solar Challenge. The¬†$750,000 grant¬†will largely support efforts to streamline the zoning, permitting, interconnection and inspection processes for residential solar systems, similar to PennFuture’s program in western Pennsylvania. According to the announcement from Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the program […]

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PennFuture Reduces the Costs of Solar in Western PA

There are a number of factors that determine the overall costs of installing a solar system on your roof. Prices for inverters, panels and racking, labor costs, land and roof leases are just a few. But perhaps the most under-looked factors are the so-called “soft” costs that are folded into the final system payment. These […]

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