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Top 5 States for Residential Solar

Residential solar often struggles to compete with commercial and utility-scale solar industries in terms of system pricing. Smaller average facility sizes, less standardization in supply chains, and relatively large upfront costs to prospective system owners make it difficult for residential solar markets to take advantage of economies of scale efficiencies, which makes it difficult for homeowners […]

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Hawaii To Offer Feed-in Tariff

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Solar energy incentives come in several forms. There are solar rebates, where one is given an up-front lump sum payment and then there are programs like a feed-in tariff, where the energy producer is paid an amount for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity produced and fed onto the power grid. Last Wednesday, the state regulators in the […]

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Solar Cities – Pasadena

Throughout the U.S. there are towns and cities that are offering amazing solar rebates and incentives on top of the 30% tax credit from the federal government. In this blog series that we are calling “Solar Cities” we are highlighting these towns and cities that are making it easier for their residents to go solar. This week we are […]

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