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Comparing Solar Leases? Here’s What to Look For

While 2011 may mark the first year solar leasing became a widely accepted option to finance and install residential solar systems, 2012 is shaping to be a year of growth – and differentiation – in the niche industry of providing solar leases. Though the basic structure of a solar lease is similar across the board, […]

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The Solar Lease Mystery Shopper: Part 1

From the guise of an ordinary customer, I did some investigative work on buying solar panels from each of the “Big Three” solar lease companies – Sungevity, Solar City, and SunRun – in San Francisco. Since the city is the epicenter of these leasing companies, it was easy to get quotes for putting solar on […]

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Where Can I Get a Solar Lease?

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Solar leases are a new way to go solar, which as the name suggests allows you to lease rather than own a home solar power system. The map below shows the states where solar leases are currently offered. Click on a state to find out which leasing companies currently operate in that state. In states like  California […]

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