Texas Solar Rebates, Incentives and Tax Credits

While many of the the solar rebate programs in Texas are fully subscribed for 2010, there are still some programs open and offering some great rebates. Some of the program details may appear confusing but not to worry, if you contact one of our qualified local installers they can clear up and questions you have and provide you with detailed information on how you can benefit from going solar.

Oncor Electric is about to reopen its rebate program on June 21. The program is expected to fill up very quickly so now is the time to contact a local solar installer so that you can get your application in on time. The rebate amounts to $2.25 per DC watt for residential customers installing systems with production capacities up to 10 kilowatts. It may be obvious but eligible customers must be within the Oncor service area and be served by Oncor meters.

If you combine this rebate with the 30% federal tax credit, the total cost of solar can be reduced by over 50%. That means that in the long-term you will be paying less per kilowatt hour for your electricity compared to the average utiliity electricity rates. For the latest information check here.

Another great program that is still active is the CPS Energy rebate program which serves San Antonio residents. CPS is offering an amazing $3.00 per watt AC, however, the fine print says that the final rebate levels will be determined upon a final inspection from the utility. Unfavorable shading, angles or direction may influence the final rebate amount. The best way to find out if you have any shading issues is to talk to qualified installers who can provide you with a free estimates and answer any other questions that you might have.

If you are a member of the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) you could receive rebates for installing home solar electric systems, solar water heaters, solar attic fans and solar water wells within its service territory. In order to be eligible under the current program, systems must be installed after January 1, 2010.

The rebate amounts are as follows:

  • Solar Electric: $2.00/watt up to $8,000, maximum system size of 20 kW
  • Solar Water Heaters: $1,000/unit
  • Solar Attic Fans: $50/unit up to $250 (maximum of five fans)
  • Solar Water Wells: $750/unit

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO), American Electric Power Texas Central Company (AEP-TCC), and American Electric Power Texas North Company (AEP-TNC) are still offering customers a $2.50/Watt DC rebate with a maximum payment of $25,000 per customer. Systems must be new, connected to the grid on the customer side of the meter, meet minimum estimated performance requirements (80% of optimum), and meet all applicable code and utility interconnection requirements. Click here to find out more and/or check the current program status.