Top 25 residential solar installers in Massachusetts

MA Top 25 Solar InstallersFrom 2010 to April 2014, the Massachusetts Solar Carve-Out program has catalyzed a solar installation industry in the Bay State. In that time, over 10,000 residential solar installations were completed by 266 installers. To the benefit of our entertainment for the day, all of this information is listed publicly on the website at the bottom of that page with an Excel file titled: Solar Carve-Out Qualified Units. In the spirit of the college football season, here’s a summary of the top 25 installers:

Top 25 Installers by total capacity installed (excluding pending):

  1. SolarCity (8,671 kW)
  2. VIvint Solar (7,242 kW)
  3. Astrum Solar (5,608 kW)
  4. Real Goods Solar/Alteris/RGS Energy (3,974 kW)
  5. Roof Diagnostics Solar of Mass (3,628 kW)
  6. Next Step Living (2,562 kW)
  7. Sungevity (1,693 kW)
  8. New England Clean Energy (1,580 kW)
  9. SolarFlair Energy (1,539 kW)
  10. Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics Cooperative (1,474 kW)
  11. SunBug Solar (1,273 kW)
  12. Second Generation Energy (1,071 kW)
  13. Sunlight Solar Energy (1,048 kW)
  14. 1st Light Energy (889 kW)
  15. E2 Solar PV (835 kW)
  16. Trinity Solar (740 kW)
  17. Cotuit Solar (721 kW)
  18. Transformations (700 kW)
  19. Munro Distribution (658 kW)
  20. My Generation Energy (651 kW)
  21. South Mountain Company (641 kW)
  22. Endless Mountains Solar Services (581 kW)
  23. RevoluSun (534 kW)
  24. Brightstar Solar (512 kW)
  25. Independent Power Systems (477 kW)

Top 25 installers re-ranked by Average Installation Cost per Watt (state average: $5.37).

  1. Trinity Solar ($3.94/watt)
  2. Astrum Solar ($4.21/watt)
  3. SolarFlair Energy ($4.22/watt)
  4. 1st Light Energy ($4.31/watt)
  5. Roof Diagnostics Solar of Mass ($4.52/watt)
  6. Next Step Living ($4.74/watt)
  7. Brightstar Solar ($4.89/watt)
  8. Real Goods Solar ($5.01/watt)
  9. Munro Distribution ($5.05/watt)
  10. SolarCity ($5.27/watt)
  11. New England Clean Energy ($5.34/watt)
  12. Cotuit Solar ($5.39/watt)
  13. RevoluSun ($5.44/watt)
  14. E2 Solar PV ($5.46/watt)
  15. Second Generation Energy ($5.58/watt)
  16. Sunlight Solar Energy ($5.65/watt)
  17. Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics Cooperative ($5.67/watt)
  18. Transformations ($5.69/watt)
  19. Independent Power Systems ($5.75/watt)
  20. SunBug Solar ($5.88/watt)
  21. My Generation Energy ($6.01/watt)
  22. Sungevity ($6.08)/watt
  23. South Mountain Company ($6.37/watt)
  24. Endless Mountains Solar Services ($6.51/watt)
  25. Vivint ($6.96/watt)

Caveats: 1) To be fair, some of these average cost results may be skewed because an installation in 2010 will cost a lot more than one in 2014, so these numbers favor late entrants to the market. Each company had at least 60 installations. 2) One company, Vivint Solar, stood out for being the 2nd largest installer in the state and the most expensive of the top 25. Why are they selling more systems at a higher cost? This could be because Vivint is leasing a lot of the systems, which commonly leads to higher reported costs among solar leasing companies. 3) Some companies, like Astrum Solar, also speculate in the SREC markets, and will purchase the SRECs produced by their customers as part of a simplified offering. It’s a riskier strategy but, it gives them an additional lever with respect to pricing systems.

Applications for the first Solar Carve-Out Program closed in April of 2014. The data here is strictly from that program, but the Solar Carve-Out II Program launched earlier this year and is currently accepting applications. As of September 2014 there are only about 23 MWs of installed projects. We’ll do a follow up when there’s more critical mass in the program to see how our Top 25 installers have fared!

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